From Major Matt Mason to Mego dolls

Back in my childhood time in USA my mother and dad gave me toys.

I got my first doll called Major Matt Mason (Mattel)when i was 2-5 years old.

After moving to Denmark in 1969 i got all my toys with me..all most all.

In 1971 for X-mas i got a ( Hasbro ) G. I. JOE doll in green army close from my uncle.

Back in 1972 my and my mom was going on vacation to Italia with the danish flight comperny ( Simon Spis ).We lived in a hotel in Garda city.  

At this time i was 8 years old.
I found my first Mego doll the Action Jackson. 

I thought that the size was just perfect.

That toy store in Italia started my intersses for dolls became very serious and it didn't make things easier that at toy store i DK called "Sørensen" started to sell thise dolls.

A friend from school and i started to play together with our Mego dolls.

My sister bought my first Star Trek Mego dolls i 1974 and gave my them for X-mas and birthdays present.

Me and my friend from school bought what the marked could offer us like (Mego) Super heroes, The knights, Robin Hood,(Gabriel ) Lone Ranger, (Palitoy’s) Moonbase Alpha also called Space 1999.

We biked to each others homes with bags filled up with Mego dolls and stuff.

After school time we meet with other Action Jackson dolls and Mego super heroes and builded rooms with inventory and even held The Olympic Games. Lots of hours and ideers was tried in each others homes.

We became kinda frustrated that the marked did'nt have a lady doll, but we found and bought Miss Dianh-mite.

True the years from 1974-79 i started to collect dolls in all types that i could finde in stores for my allowance. I had to take small jobs like mowing the lawn to keep up buying. I used all my money on dolls and equipments.

I 1981 i went to USA with my parents to see my sister. Again i got caught up in the buying dolls.

I bought in Toy & Us ( Kenner ) Six Million Dollar Man and took him with me home and got one more for my collection.

I the start of the 1980 the toy stores stopped importing Mego dolls because of the marked had no interesse and became to expensive.

I stopped buying Mego doll in 1982 and started on a full time job and moved from parents home.

Then in 1991 i had to clean up attic and put all my Mego dolls in one big box.

All my dolls were placed in this big box and cloused. My visions was that i would stasch them for the furture and place them behinde glass in my new home to display them.

Exactly in 1998 igained
interesed for Mego dolls again and started to sweep the marked and check out the Iternet marked for sellers in Mego dolls with luck.

With a little money and luck i can now buy the last missing dolls for my collection that i started for 30 years ago and dreamed about. 

Mayby..who knows???  





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